Great Taste Awards

Toot Sweets Confectionery is very excited and happy to announce that we have won 2 awards at this year’s Great Taste Awards organised by the Guild of Fine Food. We’re so excited we’re currently debating whether we should go lie down in a dark room for the rest or the afternoon hahahaha

Our first award went to our White Chocolate Shropshire Lavender Truffle which won 1 Gold Star, the judges said “The overall chocolate is well made with a good balance of texture between the outer case and filling”.

Our next award went to our Dark Chocolate Butterscotch chocolate which won 2 Gold Stars, the judges said “Great taste, great texture, tasty, stunning taste, butterscotch is ‘proper’ and offsets the dark chocolate taste, good ‘snap’ in chocolate exterior”.

If you don’t know about the Guild of Fine Foods or the Great Taste Awards then here’s a little bit of info for you.

“For 2010, over 6000 products were judged over an intense two-month period. The Awards’ organiser, the Guild of Fine Food constantly refines the judging mechanics and this year was no exception. Before gold is awarded, a minimum of eight experts, often 16 taste, discuss and agree. For two- or three-stars, up to 20 judges must unanimously agree an entry has achieved absolute perfection. Over 350 experts including key buyers, retailers, chefs and food writers blind tasted entries to ensure they are fairly and independently assessed” Taken from


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Award winning Chocolatier who loves creating new chocolates, and lover of Retro Sweets. Passionate about local food and business; I like to spend weekend’s exploring and cooking. Also check out my other blog about my journey from Dissertation to PHD research of the brand Hello Kitty: View all posts by tootsweetsconfectionery

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