Monthly Archives: August 2010

Passionate about Chocolate

As you know we’re very passionate about our Chocolate at Toot Sweets; it’s really important to us that we use a high quality chocolate. That quality doesn’t just mean flavour, but also how the cocoa beans have been harvested. We take great pride in sourcing fair trade chocolate as we feel it’s the best way to help the cocoa industry and the farmers harvesting the precious beans we all know and love.

Cadbury’s started using fair-trade chocolate over 18months ago and the BBC has produce a report looking into what fair-trade really means to the Cocoa Farmers of Ghana


Shrewsbury Market Hall

This month we’re taking over the sweetie shop at Shrewsbury Market Hall. If you don’t know the market very well, the shop is situated next to Pengwern Books on the first floor to your right. We’re hoping to refurb the shop and add lots of new and exciting products.

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