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1st Birthday for our Shop

Birthday Celebration for our Shop!

Our shop on Butcher Row has now been open for 12 months, the past 12 months have flown by and we’re so chuffed at how well the shop has been received!

Thank you to all our regular customers and all our old and new customers. We hope you enjoy the Toot Sweets journey, over the last 12 months we’ve developed and changed a lot of areas in the shop.  We’ve introduced ice cream, more lines of sweets and started from September to make all our own chocolates making sure you get the quality and standard you expect. It now means that we can truly make every order bespoke if you’re looking for something extra special.


Our new shop :)

Wooohooo our magical shop in Shrewsbury has opened; we’re based on Butcher Row so pop down and see us! Iif you follow us on Facebook you’ll know we’ve been very busy painting and decorating over the last few weeks, but we think it’s been worth it. The shop is based in a beautiful Black and White building called Abbots House, built in the 15th Century!

We’ve got a huge range of boiled sweets and lots of scrummy retro ones; you’ll definitely be taking a walk down memory lane! We’d love to know what you think and what type of sweets you’d like us to sell, we have lots of ideas and hopefully over the next few months we’ll be introducing more lines.

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