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Rum Truffles the perfect Gift for Christmas

Who doesn’t love chocolate at Christmas?

Toots Sweets Confectionary in Shrewsbury, sell freshly handmade rum truffles. Using only the finest local ingredients, they are made by National Award Winning Chocolatier Julia Wenlock.

The Rum truffles are available in milk and dark chocolates, cocoa dusted and melt in the mouth. Chocolates and Truffles are made daily in the shop, so customers can see the chocolates being freshly prepared and also commission chocolates to be made.

To find out more about Julia’s award winning chocolates and the range of sweets sold by Toot Sweets Confectionary visit the website: www.tootsweetsconfectionery.co.uk
Or follow Toot Sweets on Twitter: @TootSweetShrew


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