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The perfect cuppa for your loved one

Recently I have joined forces with the lovely Jo from Grandmas’ Attic to come up with the perfect cuppa, so perfect it will be our featured product for Valentine’s Day and Mothers day which is in a few weeks on Sunday 18th March 2012.

Jo at Grandmas’ Attic seeks out the best in Vintage accessories for your home, including beautiful cups and saucers. The cups and saucers are now available filled with a delicious selection of chocolates and truffles of your choice. The cups can also be filled with chocolate buttons, a vanilla pod and some honey comb chunks so you can make your very own Hot Chocolate…yum!


Valentines; Love Chocolate, Love Toot Sweets

So January is nearly over, we’re all a little down about Christmas being over….but never fear Valentines is just around the corner!

We have a delicious selection of handmade chocolates and delicious retro sweeties perfect for your Valentine! What’s that you say? You don’t have a Valentine! Fear not we have also made some scrummy sweetie hampers and chocolate gift boxes perfect for all the singles out there J

Many of you bought our special Valentines bars last year, so we’ve been busy making them this week. If you haven’t seen them check out the picture below of a few of our designs! We can also personalise them with special message, so get in contact if you’re interested in doing this. The chocolate bars are available in milk, white and dark chocolate adorned with lovely sweets to help you spread a little bit of Valentines magic!

Our Red Velvet hearts are also back this year as well as our Gold Ballotins decorated with beautiful Red and Pink ribbons. The boxes can be filled with your choice of delicious handmade truffles and chocolates; Champagne Truffles always prove the most popular, but don’t forget we also make delicious Caramels, Cardamom, Praline and many more delicious handmade chocolates!

Sometimes we know people just want a chocolate fix, so if you know your partner likes rich smooth delicious chunks of chocolate then we recommend our Solid Chocolate Hearts available in milk, dark and white chocolate. We can even make them into lolly pops if you want something a little more fun!

As much as we know our customers love our chocolates, we also know that some people just wants sweets…you can’t really blame them can you? So back my popular demand are our Love Jars, Gift Boxes and Gift Bags. Filled with lots of retro sweets such as flying saucers, double cherries, strawberries, cherry kisses, strawberries & crème, traffic light lolly pops, mini love hearts, heart throbs, jelly beans, smarties, fizz wizz and lots more nom nom nom! The gift boxes and jars are filled with so many pink and red sweeties they are the perfect Valentines Gifts. We can personalise the gift boxes to your specifications if you want different sweets, so get in touch or check out our other gift boxes and jars!

Our Gift Bags are perfect if you want a mini gift or your loved one really likes a specific sweetie. All our sweets will give you the option to either purchase a traditional paper bag filled with a quarter of sweeties (114grams) or a 200gram gift bag. We’ve also made-up some special Valentines inspired Gift bags with either a nice pick & mix selection or individual sweets such as Traffic Light, Strawberry Split & Crème Soda Lolly Pops, Cherry Kisses, Double Cherries, Heart Throbs, Love hearts and lots lots more.

As we said at the beginning of this post we have a range of special treats for all the singles out there. From Chocolates to Retro Old Fashioned Boiled Sweets we have lots of delicious treats perfect if you’re having a night in with a group of friends or you just want to treat yourself.

Scrumptious Christmas Gifts

Wow this year’s nearly over! Which means 1 thing for all of us…..Christmas is just round the corner woohoooo? We love Christmas; the lights decorations and of course meeting up with friends makes Christmas the best time of year. It also means we have to get our acts together and go Christmas shopping, and we can’t just buy things for ourselves…..boo!

We’ve got a fantastic range of presents from mini stocking fillers to huge bumper boxes of scrumptiousness. Below is our Top 10 Gifts available from our Shop in Shrewsbury and online…..we get slightly peckish writing these blogs hehehe

1)      Mega Lolly Pop gift bags- fantastic stocking fillers

2)      Gift Bags- the pick and Mix retro bags are the most popular, but we can make them up with any sweets you like in. Take a look in our gift area, but if you can’t see something email us and we’ll make the bags up especially for you 😀

3)      Gift Jars- we have lots of different sized jars, so hopefully we’ve got something for everyone! Again the retro pick and mix jars are the most popular but we can make them with sherbet in, mints liquorice….ok you get the picture with everything!

4)      Bumper sweetie Hampers- a great gift for a sweet-a-holic friend or as a huge bumper family present. Who can resist a huge box of sweets? Errrrrrr no one!

5)      2 pc Chocolate boxes- a great little stocking filler for a chocoholic or as a lovely favour for the Christmas table. We sell a range of different colours and themes

6)      Chocolate Shoe……..every girls dream (sorry boys) Delicious Belgium Chocolate moulded into a Cinderella shoe. Available in a selection of chocolates and designs…..with truffles included.

7)      A box made of chocolate and filled with yummy truffles. A great gift for any truffle lover or perfect as a centre piece for the table.

8)      Personalised Chocolate Bars- another great Stocking Filler decorated with lots of sweets and ABC letters

9)      Chocolate Champagne glasses so you can celebrate in style!

10)   Sugar Mice and Candy Canes- traditional tree decorations and great for stockings!

Sweetie Gift Jars

We’ve just added a fantastic range of jars to our gifts they are available online and in the shop. We made up a selection of different mixtures including a scrummy mix of Liquorice and chewy Pick and Mix. The jars are finished with big bows and are available in a range of sizes.

We’ve also been making up some fab gift bags which are also available online, so happy Christmas shopping!

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