Lucky Bags- What would you have in your’s?

I’ve just had a conversation with several people
on twitter about Lucky Bags. I used to lovely getting a lucky bag as a child
and seeing what surprises would be inside. Like lots of traditional sweets
everyone I have spoken to tonight has very fond memories, and we’ve now got on
to the topic of what we’d like in a Lucky Bag if we were to have one today, so
I thought I’d open up the question to the readers of my blog.

My bag would definitely have to have a sachet of
popping candy, some refreshers and a giant Curly Whirly (you know the huge ones
we used to have as children)

So let me know what you’d like to see in your
lucky bag and any childhood memories you have of Lucky Bags



About tootsweetsconfectionery

Award winning Chocolatier who loves creating new chocolates, and lover of Retro Sweets. Passionate about local food and business; I like to spend weekend’s exploring and cooking. Also check out my other blog about my journey from Dissertation to PHD research of the brand Hello Kitty: View all posts by tootsweetsconfectionery

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