A very special Easter Egg- revealed

As you will have a seen a couple of weeks ago I have been making a very special egg for a Wedding which was held this weekend. I was commissioned at the beginning of this year to make the egg for a couple who wanted to crack the egg instead of cutting the cake. The Soon to be Mrs Morris made sure none of the guests new about the egg, so when I arrived at the hotel to set up I had to keep out of site.

I really enjoyed making the egg, and Sarah felt me to add my own decorations, so to represent the time of year and to go with the location I added flowers.

Thank you again to Jenny Foord for making the giant egg cup.


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Award winning Chocolatier who loves creating new chocolates, and lover of Retro Sweets. Passionate about local food and business; I like to spend weekend’s exploring and cooking. Also check out my other blog about my journey from Dissertation to PHD research of the brand Hello Kitty: HelloKittyDevotee.wordpress.com View all posts by tootsweetsconfectionery

One response to “A very special Easter Egg- revealed

  • Not just any Easter Egg | Shropshire Chocolates by Toot Sweets

    […] Like last year Jenny Foord made a giant egg up especially for the egg to be presented in, I then had the task to make the huge egg. This year the Bride went for a “rough” finish to the egg instead of the chocolate flowers you’ll see on last year’s egg. The egg was then finished with a light green iridescent shimmer to represent Spring and a nod to Dee’s Irish roots. […]

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