Our new shop :)

Wooohooo our magical shop in Shrewsbury has opened; we’re based on Butcher Row so pop down and see us! Iif you follow us on Facebook you’ll know we’ve been very busy painting and decorating over the last few weeks, but we think it’s been worth it. The shop is based in a beautiful Black and White building called Abbots House, built in the 15th Century!

We’ve got a huge range of boiled sweets and lots of scrummy retro ones; you’ll definitely be taking a walk down memory lane! We’d love to know what you think and what type of sweets you’d like us to sell, we have lots of ideas and hopefully over the next few months we’ll be introducing more lines.


About tootsweetsconfectionery

Award winning Chocolatier who loves creating new chocolates, and lover of Retro Sweets. Passionate about local food and business; I like to spend weekend’s exploring and cooking. Also check out my other blog about my journey from Dissertation to PHD research of the brand Hello Kitty: HelloKittyDevotee.wordpress.com View all posts by tootsweetsconfectionery

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